In this section I shall be writing about what is happening every day on the march. Hope you enjoy. Below is a copy of the school buget.

My interview after I attempted to talk to Obama

 John Moffet Elementary School   
2012/2013 2012/2013 Difference 2013/2014  2013/2014 


2.8 Prep Teachers @ 278,600

13 Enroll - Teachers 1,293,500

Noon Time Aides 36,400

3 -3 Hrs.

1 - 5 Hrs.

Sch. Op. Off. 14,260

Sch. Admin. 174,900

Secretary 59,200

Counselor 99,500

Books/ Ins Aides 15,540

Teacher - EC 16,940

Noon Time - EC 5,000

Para Overtime 500

Staff Development 2,700

Summer 570

Teacher Allotment 1,680

 $1,999,290 ($68,090)  $1,931,200 


3 Prep Teachers @ 325,500

13 Teachers        @ 1,410,500

School Admin.     @ 195,200


Sp. Ed. High Incidence

2 Sp. Ed. Teachers 199,000

Teacher Allot. 200

Noon Time EC 700

$ 199,900 $ 17,800 $ 217,700

Sp. Ed. High Incidence

2 Sp. Ed. Teachers 217,000

Noon Time EC 700




Sp. Ed. Low Incidence

1:1 Autistic Support 48,900

1 (5) Hr. Noon Aide 13,000

$61,900 ($61,900) 0 None

 title 1

1 teacher 99,500

1 teacher Lead.

.80 Instruction 79,600

.20 PD 19,900

CRL 69,200

5 SSAs (bilingual) 73,300

1 SSA 14,600

.20 Vocal Music 19,900

Books/Inst. Aides 12,775

Extra Curricular 5,500

Staff Development 3,000



$397,195 ($187,359) $209,836

Title 1

1 Teacher Leader

.80 Instructional 86,800

.20 PD 21,700

Teacher Allot. 100

4 (3 Hr SSAs) 68,000

Parental Inv. 2,098

Books/Ins Aides 31,138

Achieve 3000 ($13,220)

Lexia ($6,000)

Sat. Sch. ($7,000)

Mat/Supp ($4,918)


Non-fiction Books For guided reading Reading Mastery



 ESOL - 1 Teacher

$99,600 $8,900 $108,500 1 ESOL Teacher



 Sp. Ed. Gifted

$4,104 ($4,104) 0 None


2 Noon Time Aides 15,600

Noon time Aide EC 5,810

$21,410 ($21,410) 0 None

 Itinerant Ins. Music

.3 of Teachers $29,880


$29,880 ($29,880) 0  

 Bilingual Counseling Asst.

$10,700 ($10,700) 0  



 Pupil Healt Service

$109,200 $14,700 $123,900 Pupil Health Services



 Title 1 1.5 Kind. Teacher 149,400

$149,400 $29,610 $179,010 Title 1 - 1.5 Kindergarten Teachers

 Kind. Instruction (1.5) 149,400

$149,400 $968 $150,368 Accountability Grant - Kinder 1.26 Teachers


  $26,040 $26,040 Kindergarten Instruction - Title 1 (.24)


$3,231,979 ($285,425) $2,946,554  
The shack
The shack


The first steps




This morning, all was typical.

I took a shower, put on my clothes and went downstairs. However, today my aunt Liz ways sleeping in my living room on a blow-up bed. After I ate my breakfast and watched TV (still confused) 4 college students came Ross, Carl, Riel and Evan. At that moment my mother came down and my aunt leaped out of bed.

"Let's get to work," said Liz. 

They quickly started making signs for the march. Now I knew what was going on. My mother left me in the care of Ross and Carl as she left with Liz, Riel and Evan. They got on some computers they brought. After a long, silent period of working online-- making twitter acounts for the save moffet program --my mother called telling us to go to the farm.

The farm is an occupied lot in which we're planting food for all to enjoy. We went to the farm where they were finishing a small shed-shaped home. I was told we would be allow the homeless to live there for no cost. On the shack, marchers were putting up posters that we made for the march (it looked great!)

After that, we made small benches from extra wood. We were serenaded by different people singing about the horrible time we live in. After the kensington blues were over we took down the posters and started our march. I was given the bullhorn and chanting chants that I created such as "1,2,3,4 education's what were fighting for!" and "Money for schools and education, not for wars and corporations!". After 5 miles of walking (and singing, thanks to my mom and Carl) in the rain trying to find a place that we could spend the night. We were about to sleep in a ditch but then we stumbled upon Chamounix mansion-- a small and luxurious place, small in height but large in width. After a long hard discusion with the manager David, I convinshed him to let us stay for free in their smaller hostel. He also gave $15 for the organization! We went into the basement of the hostel to have a meeting about what were doing. Then David came down and gave us free PIZZA. When everyone went to the hostel I stayed in the basement for the internet which I am using at this moment for the blog. Wow, the blog caught up with me in real time well I now sign you off with a good bye and a riddle of the day:





Question: Jimmy's mother had five kid the first named May, the second named June, the third July, the fourth August. What is the fifth kid's name?



Awnser: Jimmy :)




Thank goodness for pain


When I woke up today I was in so much pain. My mother said that it was pain from walking so long and hard from the march yesterday so she excused me from the march and put me in the car. The car is Riel's car which is where we carry all of the march's stuff. I sat there relaxing and listening to Michael Jackson. It was great really great we went all over the place looking for a place to spend the night and we found the perfect place a small church that was amazing with great music being sung. We explained to the whole church about what PPEHRC was doing and they were more then happy to let us spend the night. Soon after we had to pick up the oldest marcher Sister Margert an 83 year old woman who wasn't feeling well and Evan who forgot his backpack at the Hostel. After getting Evan's backpack and dropping him back off with the march we went to Katz's Deli Kitchen to eat. Soon after I had to walk 10 miles for the march in horrible pain. After getting through that I went to the church were they were going to have us sleep outside instead of in. Thankfully, there was a spanish church across the street. We went there asking to spend the night and one woman alowed us to spend the night in her trailer which were in now. So now I sign you off with the riddle of the day.




Question: Titus gained triumph power today while tackling Thea. How many T's are in that sentence?


Awnser: 3 (how many T's are in ThaT senTence?)


LOST eat your heart out



Today I marched 7 miles as we're pelted with golf balls and as a lady called the cops on us think we were teenagers who want to T.P. her house or something and from this and other things we have few marchers then before but I shall go all the way for moffet (but no one would blame you if you got a taxi for me PREPAID). Then we all went and sat down at a McDonald's for the afternoon working on our computers and gaining weight that we lost in the march it was paradise but after a long afternoon of pleasure I was sent to soon the car and I had a mission to accomplish find a place to sleep after being turn down by churchs and 1 school we made the hard choice of renting a U-haul van to carry our stuff and for us to sleep in. We then had to pick every one up from some where. So we were given horrible directions such as look for a COLD BEER sign in a place that every store was required to have a COLD BEER sign. So we were forced to drive around in the forest on unnamed streets for hours but on the bright side I saw a deer for the first time in my life a real one not ones you see in movies but a real one it was in the road luckly in moved before we hit it. It seemed we were going to be there all night until I used my awesome brain power to get us out of there to pick every one up. After we all were in the car a Queen song came on called "Bohemiam rat city" everyone broke out into song and I did a epic air guitar solo. Queen would be proud. We they got into the vam to rest our heads with dreams of Queen singing with us filled our heads. I now sign you off with the riddle of the day.




Question: A rich and handsome man named James Leonardo was murder on a sunday afternoon. At the time of the murder there was: the maid, the cook, the butler, the gardener and the wife.

Maid: I was fixing the table.

Cook: I was making breakfast.

Butler: I was polishing the silverwear and the dishes.

Gardener: I was planting tomato seeds.

Wife: I was reading a book.



Awnser: The cook (the cook was "making breakfast" in the AFTERNOON)






Today my mom scratched her eye and ran out of right eye contacts so after walking 17 miles my mom I were dropped of at a walmart to go to the visual people that had there own little section my mom sent me off the get a book so I picked a mystery call Timmy Terrible Mistakes were made and because of it I want to write a book with pictures in between paragraphs. So Moffet students draw your best picture of anything and the winner will draw for me book. That's all the really happend today we took a lot of breaks. Now I do belive that this is the time I send you of wit the riddle of the day.




Question: What is a word where when you take away whole you still have some?


Awnser: wholesome




All the way


Today I, felt so powerful that I marched the whole march as I gained 2 callus and a sun burn on my foot because my mom would let me wear normal shoe's because and I quote "You look better in sandals." So I walked and finished my book "Timmy Terrible Mistakes Were Made", so I bought a new book with pictures in between the paragraph intitled "Cheesie Mack is not a genuis or anything" and remeber kids about the contest I'm writing a book with pictures in between paragraphs so when I get to moffet I will be looking for people's best art work and the winner or winners (you can work in teams maxium of people 3) will be the illustrator(s) for my book. Now we're eating at Mari Luna a mexican resturant (the salsa is great). Now I send you off with the riddle.




Question: Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one

Michael j fox has a small one
Madonna doesn't have one
the pope has one but he never uses it
Bill Clinton Has one and he uses it all the time!
What is it?


Awnser: A Surname


The end?




We are almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!:D Finaly all my callus and bruises paid off thank goodness I went on the last 3 miles then I was there in front of the white house. We marched around and around the president's home. Than we went to two gates to see if we could go in after explaining everything. So we didn't get in. We may have lost the battle but not the war. So tomorrow everyone will be going to the U.S. camber of Commerce to protest because they control the politicans with money. My feet are really  hurting me because of what they've been through. I hope you watch my video of what I did today. I gave a speech and tried to deliver the letters but like I said before the battle has just begun .So I send you off with the riddle of the day.




Question:A woman shoots her husband, then holds him under water for five minutes. Finnaly, she hangs him. 5 minutes later they enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How could this be?


Awnser: She took a picture of him and devloped it in a dark room.




The short ride home


Today we went to the U.S. Chambers of Commerce to see if we can talk to them about the cuts, since they are the puppet masters of the politicians. We chanted and marched around in a circle as people join us in the protest against cooperate greed. After a long time and a prayer we left heading to our cars that took us back to Philadelphia PA. Now I send you off with the riddle of the day.




Question: In a one story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower, everything was pink! What color is the stairs?


Awnswer: There are no stairs it's a one story house.


Back in school


It's not over


Today I was finally back in school!:D But instead of getting a chance to learn I had to stay outside with parents and passerbys protesting about the cuts to the budget. The only times that I got to go into the school was to sing in Choir (which is getting cut) for the 3rd grade and 1st grade preformances. We chanted and chanted and protested and protested some reporters came from the newspaper. I was interviewed 3 times. We also announced that we would be doing this again next wednesday but next time were going to try to convince the principal to let some kids with good behavoir and there teacher to the protest for a few minutes. Now I send you off with the riddle of the day.




Question: A monkey, a bird, and a squirrel race to the top of a coconut tree to get a banana. Who'll get there first the monkey, the bird, or the squirrel?


Awnser: Neither you can't get a banana from a coconut tree.


All for one


One for all


Today, every teacher and almost all the kids from Moffet came out and protested with us it was a really big circle we marched in. But when school started only the memeber of student council marched the circle got smaller. Were hoping we can get everyone to join us at the demonstration on the 12th at 8:00 at moffet to get even more news caster there then the 2 from 6abc and univision. Now I shall send you off with the riddle of the day.




Question: One night, a man get a call from the police that his wife has been murdered they tell him to come to the crime scene as soon as possible. Shocked the man drops his phone gets in his car and drives to the crime scene. 20 minutes later the police arrest him and convice him of murder. How did the police know it was him?


Awnser: The police did tell him were the crime scene was, but the man knew.


Call your District and At-Large City Councilperson

Call Mayor Nutter's office:


Call Governor Corbett:


Call Your State Representative

Call the US. Chamber of Commerce

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Important Press Releases

Official Press Release about our march
official Press Release about our march
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John Moffet Press Release
Official press release about my new adventure :)
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